4th, 5th & 6th November 2024

Client Testimonials

Thank you very much for your efforts in setting up and running the Local Government Strategy Forum in Cheshire this week. I thought that the organisation was exceptional - it ran on rails.
Chief Executive, Staffordshire County Council
It has been a really good and efficient use of my time. It is quite rare that you actually get the chance to think outside of the box and meet other like-minded people and authorities - to actually start having those sorts of conversations that you always want to have but don’t quite manage to squeeze into your day job. It has been brilliant.
Head of Public Services Reform, Cheshire West and Chester Council
I think the fact that the presentations are done in bite-size chunks gives you a flavour of the sort of initiatives that people have been engaged with. It has been fascinating, really, to see the diversity of things that are happening across the country and the services at the current time.

We have done things like the speed networking where I've had lots of very short sessions with them and that's given me a lot of ideas for companies that I’d like to follow some issues up with. I’ve made lots of contacts already without spending too much time in the process of doing it.

It is not a venue I had come across before but it is excellent in terms of the facilities that are available. The way we have been looked after since I arrived here has been top rate.
Service Director (ICT), Nottinghamshire County Council
Very much enjoyed the conference. I can see that you and the team have got a well-oiled and effective formula for these which has been honed.
Head of Commissioning: Adult Social Care, Torbay Council
The thing that I have most valued about the presentations is that they have been really practical and enabled us to have clear messages to take forward about what others have learnt and done.

I enjoyed the speed networking. It's a really good opportunity to get a picture of what lots of different vendors are doing and through those conversations, what other local authorities are doing too.

I think the opportunity to talk with other delegates as well as vendors informally over coffee and dinner has been really effective. It has enabled us to learn and take a lot out of the event.
Acting Head of Transformation, Nottingham City Council
I think the venue is great; it is just the kind of thing that you want. All the food and drink has been wonderful. It couldn't have been better.

I think that because of the way the forum is structured, that momentum keeps going and it keeps your interest all day long.
Head of Customer Service, Nottingham City Council
Great learning and sharing of good practice. I have taken a few ideas away.
SDM ICT & Print, MKC Council
Well managed and very good event.
Strategic Director/Acting CEO, South Somerset DC
Enjoyable and thought provoking.
Head of Department - Customer Services, Norfolk County Council
Excellent networking event that added to my current knowledge.
Strategic Director Resources, Powys County Council
Very well managed and timings were kept to. The business meetings were well managed.
Head of Improvement and Monitoring Unit, City County of Swansea
It has been an enjoyable event with positive networking and a great venue.
Head of Transformation, Havering Council
The quality of the presentations and the relevance to me has been immense. It has been useful to pick out and look at information from each of them which I have taken note of and will follow up as learning for ourselves for the future.
Assistant Director - Quality and Transformation, Northamptonshire County Council
The structure and organisation of this forum is always first class. One of my jobs as Chair is to make sure things happen on time but it's the team at ah!media that supports me in doing that. I'm really just the front man. The production behind that and their way of organisation is absolutely first class. I've been a big fan of the whole concept for a number of years. It brings together a unique forum where you can bring together those who are facing challenges and they get to meet first-hand the people with the solutions. It’s a great way of bringing people together in a great setting.
Chief Executive, Scarborough Borough Council
The organisation of this conference is hugely impressive. From the moment I arrived throughout the day, I don't think I've ever attended a conference where the timing and movement between sessions was quite as well managed as I've encountered at this particular event. I couldn't speak highly enough of the organisers.

The discussions with the vendors in those 'speed dating' sessions, as they are branded, was actually the best approach to this that I think I have ever experienced at a conference.

Extremely helpful, snappy to the point and you weren't spending a lot of time with people who were looking to sell you products you weren't really interested in.
Senior Strategy, Performance & Planning Manager, Southwark Council
Brilliantly organised and excellent content.
Executive Director, Rugby Borough Council
Really enjoyed - good use of my time!
Chief Executive, Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council
Excellent networking opportunity.
Head of Local Infrastructure and Street Management, Cambridgeshire County Council
Excellent and very valuable use of my time.
Head of ICT Service Delivery, Islington Council
Thank you for a brilliant conference - superbly delivered in a great setting
County Clerk and Monitoring Officer, Cardiff Council
All of the staff were pleasant, helpful and knowledgeable.
Head of Corporate Finance and IT, Runnymede B.C.
Very good support throughout. The event was excellent, provided good contacts and was thought provoking. I went away with loads of good ideas, some of which I will definitely progress.
Head of Service for Planning, Environment & Transport Policy, Oxfordshire County Council
A great opportunity to get an overview of the bigger picture.
Assistant Director, Health Reform, North Yorkshire County Council
Very efficient, courteous and professional.
Head of Shared Services, London Borough of Havering
As always friendly, helpful, professional & approachable. Very useful and well organised, overall a great event with interesting speakers and information is relevant and up to date.
Head of Sector Support and Information, Audit Commission
Generally well run, good accommodation, some really good speakers.
Head of Development Management, RB Kensington & Chelsea
Overall was really valuable.
Corporate Director, Social Care & Health, London Borough of Hillingdon
Good balance of speakers and providers.
Head of Category Management - People, Medway Council
I just wanted to relay my thanks to all involved in making the event very successful, interesting and useful
Projects & Systems Manager - Aberdeen City Council
The range of issues covered in the presentations were relevant and covered areas of good practice
Corporate Services Director, Barrow Borough Council
Very good polite & knowledgeable staff
Forward Plans Group Manager, Aylesbury Vale District Council
Very organised & approachable staff, good range of sessions & opportunity to
Director, Local Government & Fire, The Audit Commission
Enjoyed the event
Chief Executive, Maldon District Council
Very good event
Head of Strategy & Programme Management, Norwich City Council
Excellent, friendly & efficient
Corporate Director, Cardiff Council
Good quality presentations & very customer focussed staff
Group Finance Manager, London Borough of Havering
First Class - inspirational & powerful event
Deputy Chief Executive, Cornwall Council
Excellent worthwhile event, very well structured with plenty of opportunity to network and exchange ideas
Executive Director - Adult & Community Services, Bournemouth Borough Council
Very well organised in a very pleasant environment. Very engaging & enjoyable
Chief Executive, Tamworth Borough Council
Very well organised & helpful staff, enjoyed balance of real case studies & efficiency ideas
Chief Executive, Norwich City Council
Very topical, relevant, useful and reassuring.
Executive Director Environment and Development Directorate, Fife Council